Minutes 24 October 2022

Public report directors meeting Dufftown & Mortlach Development Trust

Present are – Eleanor Candy (Chair), Siebette Wester (Secretary), Margriet Berben (Director), Val Smith (Director) and Andrew Wrigley (Director). Apologies for Gillian McGarthland (Treasurer), Michael Fitzgerald (Director) and Norma Hunter (Director).

In the directors meeting on 24 October 2022 the following items were discussed:

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 28 September were approved by all present. 
  2. We have received 2 new membership applications – bringing total membership at 76 members – 61 ordinary members and 15 associate members.
  3. Office bearers: in follow up of the AGM we vote for Eleanor to remain Chair and Siebette to remain Secretary. Margriet will take over the Treasurer role from Gillian.
  4. Paths:  final works for completion of Giants Chair paths will be addressed with help from an active member.
  5. Heritage trail: we are discussing how to proceed now the councils wants us to half the size of the panels at the Pictish Stone and Mortlach Church.
  6. History app: final actions to be taken once the Heritage trail is sorted.
  7. Pictish stones: this project will be on hold until presbytery planning is completed (decision expected end of the year). 
  8. Markets: preparations are discussed for both November and December (Christmas edition) market. As the market keeps growing, we decide to buy more tables and gazebos. We’ll organise a big raffle for the Christmas market with an iPad as star prize and donations from local businesses and stallholders. Lately there is less interest from local groups to do the kitchen during the markets. It is decided the Royal British Legion will do all kitchens in 2023; other groups still welcome if they ask for it, at the discretion of RBL.
  9. In a separate strategy session on 30 October will discuss new projects for 2023.
  10. Date and time of next meeting: Monday 21 November – 7pm.