Newsletter July 2021
It’s hard to believe that another month has passed since our last newsletter, but time does seem to fly by at an alarming rate. The school summer holidays are well underway and we have all enjoyed some downtime amid the glorious sunshine and some spectacular thunderstorms!
Project updates!
Farmers Markets

Our first market was deemed a great success, by visitors and stall holders alike.  An estimated 300 people turned out for our first event, and valuable feedback was received both on the day and in the online survey that was shared on social media.  As expected, the key outcome from the feedback received was that you would like to see more fresh produce and food stalls, so we are working on this for the August market - if you or anyone you know has produce to sell then please get in touch!  All being well, with the continued support of the community, the markets will be held on the second Saturday of each month.


A big shout of thanks to our volunteers Jean, Rob, Chris, Stan, Norma, Francis, Jo, Eduard, Derek, Leona, Holly, AJ, Michelle and Eleanor who helped set up, man, and tidy up on the day, and without whom we could not have managed it. We will need help at each event, so if you have a spare hour or two and want to join our happy band of volunteers, then please get in touch.

If anyone is interested in a stall, or knows anyone who may have some produce to sell then you can download an application form on our website or send an email to


Please come out and support the market on the day, meet our stall holders and support our local producers – we look forward to seeing you there!

Download application form
Public Toilets

We have had initial conversations about the risks involved with taking on ownership of the public toilets, and further meetings to discuss our options will be had in the coming weeks.  Support from Visit Moray Speyside as well as Development Trust Associations Scotland is ongoing and welcomed to help us secure something that is integral to the needs of visitors to Dufftown.
Heritage Trail

A contractor has walked the trail, however establishing the land ownership status of the area accessing the Giants Chair and Gordon Cross paths is integral to our progression with this project.  If you have any information regarding ownership, please get in touch with

Dufftown Fairy Village

Thanks to the volunteers that turned up to assist with the tidy up of the site, and the strimming of the pathway.  The fairy village is looking magical, and has attracted many visitors.  Obviously, the maintenance of the path way is an ongoing issue and falls underneath the Heritage Trail subgroup, so if you are able to lend your support, please contact

Fairy House Raffle
To enable Dave to continue his amazing work with this and support the upkeep of the paths and fairy village, we will be running a raffle so that one lucky person has the chance to win their very own fairy house. More details to follow soon!
Annual General Meeting

It was agreed to hold our first AGM on Thursday 30th September, and that the meeting would be held open to non-members.  Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.


If you would like to become a member, or director of the DMDT then you would be very welcome to join our small friendly team.

What does membership of the DMDT actually mean?

Membership means that you support the objectives of the company and ultimately means that the company is answerable to you.  Directors run the company on your behalf, and are voted in by you at the first AGM.  We will share with you minutes from our monthly director meetings, and we will ask that you support us with feedback for the various projects that we wish to carry forward.  Often funding applications will require that we show support from the community for the applications that we are progressing, and our membership will be the first step in defining community interest.  If you wish to become a more active member and donate your time to help carry forward any of the projects that we are working on, then that level of support would be very welcomed.

At the AGM you are able to vote on any resolutions raised, and to nominate in new directors who run the company on a day-to-day basis.  At the AGM we will report what has happened since the company was formed, and directors will stand down and await re-election.


Ordinary and junior membership of the DMDT is open to residents within Dufftown and surrounding area as defined in the Community Council Ward.  Associate membership is open to organisations or individuals out with the defined area, who support the objects and activities of the company.

What does a director of the DMDT actually do?

As a director you are required to ensure that the company is run in line with its governing document, Articles of Association, and that the company functions correctly and remains solvent.  Each project requires the oversight of a director, and records of decisions made must be kept.  We need to work together as a team to ensure consensus across the board for how the projects are managed and the company is run, and as such communication within the team is a key role. A weekly commitment of 4 hours is required. Monthly meetings are held to discuss ongoing projects, but throughout the month directors will manage subgroups to bring forward projects within agreed boundaries as set out by the board.  


As a company, records must be kept and reported annually to Company House, and we have a treasurer and secretary who carry out these key roles, with the support of the whole team.


If you feel that you have the time and commitment to help shape the future of the DMDT, then we would welcome you on board!  Please contact

More information and how to get in touch:

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