Who are we?

The DMDT is a company limited by guarantee, with charitable objectives.  We are ruled by a governing document called Articles of Association, which is lodged at Companies House and which can be viewed here.

We have a board of 6 member directors.  Val Smith (chair), Margriet Berben (treasurer), Eleanor Candy (secretary) and 3 other directors; Michael Fitzgerald, Marc Pendlebury and Andy Wrigley. 

Our responsibility as directors is to ensure that the company operates in line with our governing document.  As a membership-based organisation the directors carry out the interests of the members, and power is delegated to them upon election to the board.  

Collectively we are passionate about carrying out activities and projects that will enhance all that Dufftown has to offer.

Our dynamic team of directors has grown in the recent months. If you feel that you would like to join our team and help lead and direct projects that fulfil our mission statement, then please get in touch. Alternatively, you can support us by becoming a member of the DMDT and use your voice to help us form and shape our plans.  

Our team of directors are currently working with a group of engaged volunteers progressing a variety of projects that are all tied to our mission statement.  Many of the ideas brought forward stem from the Community Action Plan developed after the Planning for Real process in 2015. 


Eleanor Candy
Margriet Berben
Siebette Wester
Andy Wrigley
Val Smith
Michael Fitzgerald

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the vision of DMDT?

Our vision is to be a collaborative community organisation where members and groups can come together to achieve their goals.

2. What are the goals of DMDT?

Our ultimate goal is community regeneration.  We wish to develop a sustainable future for Dufftown.

“From small acorns mighty oaks grow”

We believe that to achieve our goal, we need to develop a foundation of trust, building relationships with our members and community though small projects and better communication.

3. Is DMDT also rejuvenating businesses?

We wish to clarify that the DMDT are not the organisation that have bought the businesses in Dufftown. Any enquiries relating to the business regeneration plans should be directed to hello@truerlein.com.

4. How can I become a member?

As a member you will automatically receive updates on all of the projects that we are working on and will be kept informed on decisions made at the monthly directors’ meetings.  You will also be able to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting which will be held this year in September.

To become a member please follow the link to complete or download the members form.

5. How can I become involved?

If you feel that you have any time to donate towards helping us achieve our goals, then you would be very welcome to become a member and join any of the existing project teams.  We are a friendly group of volunteers and appreciate that each of us have different commitments and circumstances that impact what we can contribute.  Many hands make light work and working together we can achieve so much more.

The DMDT is a company limited by guarantee, with charitable objectives.  
We are ruled by a governing document called Articles of Association, which is lodged at Companies House (SC658961).