In the directors meeting of 28 January 2021 the following decisions have been made:

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 26 November 2020 were approved by all present. 
  2. There were 3 new members approved by the board bringing total membership to 46 members –  34 ordinary members and 12 associate members.
  3. The Trust needs to get it’s own website, media platforms and a facility for storing documents. The Trust will look into funding (grants) and a suitable party to provide these facilities. 
  4. The Trust will have a prospectus developed to inform Dufftown’s residents and businesses about their goals and activities. 
  5. The Trust has received provisional membership from DTAS (Development Trusts Association Scotland), if the Trust establishes itself in the coming period we will receive full membership after a year.
  6. The Trust needs more directors to be able to govern all projects properly. After releasing the prospectus a general call will go out to Dufftown’s residents to register interest.
  7. The first Dufftown’s farmer market will be held on 10 April and then every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Mortlach Memorial Hall and car park.
  8. The directors are to have an online introductory meeting with an external party to talk about the possibilities for a Dufftown heritage/archeology/ecology centre.
  9. The Trust will look for a project manager to upgrade the roads in Dufftown in a sustainable way. Truerlein has secured provisional grant funding.
  10. Due to new legislation the Cabin (local nursery) needs a bigger location, they have reached out to the Trust for help. This seems to fit within the goals of the Trust, more details to be discussed in the coming weeks.