Many trails can be followed around Dufftown, but most of them are not maintained and are now less accessible. In cooperation with land owners and the Moray Council we will rejuvenate the paths and have added interesting information along the route.

This project connects two existing and well-established paths that are used extensively by locals, as well as visitors to the area. In addition to the upgrade, storyboards have been installed at relevant points along the paths to share some of the local history that is relatively unknown.


Paths Upgrade

We have secured funding from Foundation Scotland from the EDF Renewables Dorenell Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.  We have also secured funding from Diageo which when combined will enable us to upgrade two well used local paths, the Giant’s Chair and the Gordon’s Cross.  This will ensure that they are more accessible and safer for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.  

Heritage Trail

Story boards have been sited along the paths that describe key historical facts about the area to anyone walking the trail.

Want to know more? Please contact us at hello@dmdt.org.uk.