Many trails can be followed around Dufftown, but most of them are not maintained and are now less accessible. In cooperation with land owners and the Council we want to rejuvenate the paths and add interesting information along the route.

This project has been set up to connect and upgrade two existing and well-established paths that are used extensively by locals, as well as visitors to the area. In addition to the upgrade, storyboards will be installed along the paths to share some of the local history that is relatively unknown. In total 10 storyboards have already been designed and will be placed at relevant points along the paths.

A contractor has walked the trail, however establishing the land ownership status of the area accessing the Giants Chair and Gordon Cross paths is integral to our progression with this project.

Exciting progress is being made to take this project forward, and although it may seem like baby steps rather than Giant ones, each step brings us closer to realising the project outcome. Moray Councils outdoor access officer has agreed to support the costs of doing a land search of the area so that we can ascertain who owns the land surrounding the Giants Chair. This is an important step required before we can progress with any funding application, as is the submission of a scope of work with associated costings. We are now pleased to say that thanks to a successful appeal on The Speirins Facebook page, and valuable interaction with interested parties, we have now had walk arounds with potential contractors, and in addition have made contact with the Royal Engineers at Kinloss who previously erected the bridge at the end of the pathway. Dorenell Ranger Service have also offered to assist us with advice.

Update 15 Februari 2022

Paths Upgrade

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of one of our directors – Anne Jan Zandstra, we have been successful in securing funding from Foundation Scotland from the EDF Renewables Dorenell Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.  We have also secured funding from Diageo which combined will enable us to start the work for upgrading and connecting two well used local paths – The Giants Chair and The Gordons Cross.  This will ensure that they are more accessible and safer for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.  Working with the Dorenell Ranger we will develop a maintenance plan to ensure that they remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Heritage Trail

Once the paths have been upgraded, story boards will be sited along the paths which will describe key historical facts about the area to anyone walking the trail.

Want to know more? Please contact us at annejan.zandstra@dmdt.org.uk.

Or find out more on https://dufftown.info