In the past decennia Dufftown has been a pass-through village for tourists to distilleries. If tourists stayed in a hotel or other accommodation it was often for one night. Overall complaint by tourists was that Dufftown had nothing to offer. Although there are several paths to walk, it’s not very well sign posted. Dufftown and Mortlach have a lot of history to tell, but this is also not visible to visitors.

The app showcases 10 unique historic sites and will complement a heritage trail that’s being developed at the moment connecting two existing paths, “Gordon’s Cross” and “The Giant’s Chair”. This app showcases a selection of historic sites and buildings in Dufftown and Mortlach. The user has 3 options to visit these points of interest. People will enjoy Dufftown and Mortlach even more.

With the app we expect tourists to stay one or two nights longer. Exploring Dufftown and spending more money in shops and restaurants. It probably will attract people from other places more often as well which will help boost the economy of Dufftown.

Want to know more? Please contact us at secretary@dmdt.org.uk.

Or find out more on https://dufftown.info