Minutes 22 July 2021

In the directors meeting of 22 July 2021 the following items were discussed:

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 24 June were approved by all present.
  2. No new applications have been received since the last directors meeting.
  3. Richard Gallicker has informed the board that he will not put himself up for re-election as a director at the AGM in September.
  4. The Farmer’s market on 10 July has been a great success. It’s estimated there were about 300 visitors, the stall holders have sold well and would like to return for future markets. Based on our own review and a survey amongst visitors it is decided we’ll keep the same running hours and that we will try to get more stall holders, especially ones selling fresh produce (meat, fruit and vegetables). Theresa Campbell will take on the role of stall holder coordinator, complementing the existing team of Michelle (marketing and social media) and Eleanor Candy (operations and compliance). The free stall on the next market will be for the Mortlach church. Each market a different local organisation will get a free stall to promote themselves and raise funds. The 2nd Market will be on the 14th of August.
  5. Giant’s chair path: a contractor has looked at the work that needs to be done. Before the contractor puts effort into compiling a quote (as prices for wood are fluctuating wildly at the moment) we need to establish landownership and get permission to get the work done. It is agreed it would be good to receive several quotes. We will approach local companies for this.
  6. Fairy Village: it is agreed it would be good to put up some more/better signage for people to find the Fairy Village. Anne Jan Zandstra will talk with Davey Brown about this.
  7. Outdoor theatre: the DMDT has been approached by a theatre production group called Frozen Charlotte. They will be performing in Moray over two weekends in August and September. They ask if Dufftown could offer a suitable site and if the DMDT would be willing to promote the event. The Directors feel this would be a nice event for local families and it would attract visitors to Dufftown which benefits local businesses. The show will be free of charge and the production group will organise the event themselves. Meg’s Widd would be the most suitable location in Dufftown. Eleanor will check all details with the production company.
  8. AGM DMDT: on Thursday 30 September the DMDT will hold its first AGM. Three of the current directors will not be available for re-election, so we need to find new people.
  9. Date and time of next meeting: 26 Augustus 2021.