Minutes 23 September 2021

Present: Eleanor Candy (chair), Gillian McGarthland (treasurer), Michelle van den Hout, Richard Gallicker, Theresa Campbell, Siebette Wester (secretary), Anne Jan Zandstra.
Apologies: William (Bob) MacDonald.
Norma Hunter attended the meeting as she stands for election for Director at the AGM 30/9.

In the directors meeting of 23 September 2021 the following items were discussed:

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 26 August were approved by all present.
  2. Six new members have been approved by the board bringing total membership to 63 members – 50 ordinary members and 13 associate members.
  3. A donation of £ 50 will be made towards The Speirin’s to show our appreciation for including our Membership application form in their latest edition.
  4. Agenda and other preparations for our first AGM on 30 September. Over 20 members have now confirmed to attend so the quorum should be met.
  5. For the October Farmer’s market we will have 27 stalls. The free stall to fundraise will this time go to the Aberlour care home. The gazebos promised to us by a third party have not yet been delivered. The trust will therefore buy a few themselves which can be rented by stall holders that are new to markets or don’t have their own gazebo for any other reason. A donation of £ 50 will be made towards to the Highland games committee as a thank you for letting us use their gazebos at the previous markets. They are also offered a free stall at one of the next markets to fundraise.
  6. To increase atmosphere local groups that play music or dance will be invited to perform at the markets.
  7. For the Christmas edition of the market in December we want to add Christmas lights and sell spiced cider and mulled wine. The market will take place from 3-7pm if the stall holders agree. We’ll apply for an occasional license with the Council.
  8. Public Toilets at MMH car park: talks are ongoing with ‘VisitMoraySpeyside’ and the Mortlach Memorial Hall. First everyone’s wishes and possibilities need to be aligned before we can continue.
  9. History Walk App: we have received several quotes from app developers to build the app and the first grant application has been sent in. Moray college is trying to get funding through an innovation grant. The app will also be signposted by the ‘Spirit of the Highlands’ (Inverness City Deal) project interactive map as a place of special interest to visit.
  10. Heritage Trail: the council is looking into landownership and is in contact with Diageo who are landowner for most parts of the trail. We’re still waiting for the quote from a local contractor.
  11. Fairy Village: the house for the raffle is almost finished, promotion to start soon.
  12. Next directors meeting will be 28 October 2021