Minutes 25 February 2021

In the directors meeting of 25 February 2021 the following decisions have been made:

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 28 January 2021 were approved by all present. 
  2. There were 3 new members approved by the board bringing total membership to 49 members –  37 ordinary members and 12 associate members.
  3. Eleanor Candy has been approved by the directors to step back into the position of chair person of the board. Mhairi-Ann Gallicker will remain active as director.
  4. Jill Smithurst has been approved as a director for the Trust. Chris Stuart has resigned as director.
  5. It was agreed that sub-groups could be formed with approval from the board, and that the nominated director would feed back to the board on a regular basis.  It was also agreed that no decisions regarding expenditure could be made without the approval of the board, and that further clarification and training would be sought from DTAS.
  6. The directors have approved the mission statement for the trust: The Dufftown & Mortlach Development Trust Ltd is committed to facilitating the regeneration of Dufftown through delivering targeted projects that will enhance and improve the lives of the community in a progressive, inclusive and sustainable way.
  7. A newsletter will be send out to all Dufftown households to inform them about everything that has been set in motion over the last year, the organisation of the Trust and the first projects of the regeneration. The first newsletter will be a hardcopy in order to reach everyone. This will be followed by monthly digital newsletters with updates on the projects, to be send out to all Trust members.
  8. The Trust would like to expand the number of directors. In the coming newsletter we will invite people to express their interest.
  9. Farmers market: due to the ongoing Covid restrictions the first edition will be postponed until Saturday 8 May.
  10. The next directors meeting will be on 25 March 2021 at 19.00 at Zoom.