Minutes 28 March 2022

Present: Eleanor Candy (chair), Norma Hunter, Siebette Wester (secretary), Anne Jan Zandstra.
Apologies: Gillian McGarthland (treasurer).
Also present as guests are Derek Candy and Stan Brown (active DMDT members).

In the directors meeting of 28 March 2022 the following items were discussed:

The minutes of the previous meeting on 2 March were approved by all present.

We have received 6 new membership applications bringing total membership at 72 members – 58 ordinary members and 14 associate members.

Paths: the DMDT has received funds to upgrade the Giant’s chair path and Gordon’s cross path. The contractor is supposed to be starting works 11 April but with the recent storms a lot of trees have come down. These need to be cleared first by a specialist company before the contractor can start works. We have reached out to Diageo (who is the landowner) to get this sorted. The path to Gordon’s Cross (beside the Huntly road) is on land from Glenfiddich, we will contact them about fixing fences and gates at the road for traffic safety.

Heritage trail app: the transmitters have arrived. It works with the mapmyvisit app. Some work still to be done to it. The transmitters will be attached to the story boards along the forementioned paths in such a way to minimise the risk of vandalism.

Tourism agenda: the DMDT is holding open meetings with local (tourism) businesses and traders to discuss whether there is a desire to create content and develop a strategy for the promotion of Dufftown in a tourism capacity. A first meeting was held on 20 March, a second meeting will be on 31 March. Ideas concentrate around an up-to-date website promoting what Dufftown and it’s surrounding area have to offer; a brochure/map showcasing amenities, things to see and walks; and events like ceilidhs and whisky tastings.

We discussed the operational details for the next Market on 9 April at the Royal British Legion.

Whisky festival 2022: the DMDT is organising a Ceilidh Night at the Commercial Hotel. They will provide stovies, we have hired Broma Ceilidh band. Tickets sales have started, we’ll promote the event in the coming weeks through social media.

The DMDT and Mortlach Church are organising an Easter egg hunt together. Preparations are ongoing.

Date and time of next meeting: Monday 25 April, 7PM.