Minutes 28 October 2021

Public report directors meeting Dufftown & Mortlach Development Trust
All Directors are present: Eleanor Candy (chair), Norma Hunter, Gillian McGarthland (treasurer), Siebette Wester (secretary), Anne Jan Zandstra.

In the directors meeting of 28 October 2021 the following items were discussed:

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 23 September were approved by all present.
  2. Two new members have been approved by the board bringing total membership to 65 members – 52 ordinary members and 13 associate members.
  3. In follow-up on the previous decision not to do a monthly newsletter it is now decided to do a quarterly edition to go with The Speirin’s. We’ll continue to also publish this online on our website.
  4. Treasurer’s report: we now have £ 531.61 in the bank and £ 203.07 in cash.
  5. Eleanor and Siebette had an informal talk with Statkraft on 26/10. This is originally a Norwegian company now operating across Europe and the UK. In the UK, Statkraft develops, owns, and operates renewable production facilities and manages trading and market operations for hydropower, wind and solar projects and those of third parties. Statkraft is proposing a wind farm located approximately 8km south-east of Dufftown. The site straddles Moray and Aberdeenshire Council boundaries (Craig Watch). If it goes ahead building will start in 2023. They are meeting with local community groups as part of their public consultation.
  6. We decide on getting a quote for more signage at the entry ways to Dufftown for the Farmers markets.
  7. The December market will be a Christmas edition with live music, mulled wine and spiced apple juice, decorations/lights inside and outside the hall, a multi-prize raffle, etc. Run time 3-7pm instead of the morning. Dave Brown has created a new fairy house which will be raffled at the Christmas market. The money we raise with this raffle will be ring fenced for the fairy village.
  8. The grant applications for the history walk app and the heritage trail have been sent in.
  9. Date and time of next meeting: it is agreed to have our monthly meetings on Mondays instead of Thursdays. Next meetings will be Monday 15 November and 13 December.