Minutes 4 July 2022

Public report directors meeting Dufftown & Mortlach Development Trust
Present are – Eleanor Candy (chair), Norma Hunter (director), Siebette Wester (online- secretary), Gillian McGarthland (treasurer). Apologies for Anne Jan Zandstra (director) – he is taking a 3 month break due to the summer season.

In the directors meeting of 4 July 2022 the following items were discussed:

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 30 May were approved by all present.
  2. We have received no new membership applications keeping total membership at 72 members – 58 ordinary members and 14 associate members.
  3. Paths: Eleanor and Norma walked the Giant’s Chair path with Stephen Reeves from Dorenell Ranger. He wrote a report on the issues that need improvement. We will get in touch with a suitable contractor from Scottish Access Trust to finalise the path up to standards. We’ll discuss matters with Foundation Scotland to make sure they are happy how we proceed.
  4. Heritage trail: waiting for advertisement consent from the council. The council requested advice from Historic Environment Scotland and Aberdeenshire Archeology services. HES has no objections as long as the interpretation panel for the Pictish Stone is at least 2 metres from it. Archeology services do have objections. Siebette is in touch with them to see if a location for the panels (for the Pictish Stone and the church) can be found they agree is appropriate.
  5. History app: on hold, first the interpretation panels from the heritage trail need to be sorted. A leaflet telling about the walk, how it works and where to find the beacons is in the making. This will be used to market the history walk.
  6. Tourism agenda: Norma went to the first meeting which was very interesting. Second meeting is in August. Other participants came with sort of the same subjects to the table. David Hanson will be accompanying Norma. We agree we will have to finish the current projects first before we have the capacity to work on the tourism agenda
  7. Ride the North cycling event 27/8: we discussed the operational details for this upcoming event – with many thanks for DMDT members Erik & Margriet who draw up a very good project list.
  8. Markets: we discussed the operational details for the next Market on 9 July at the Royal British Legion. It will be our 1-year anniversary! The DMDT will sell bacon rolls from the kitchen themselves this time.
  9. Date and time of next meeting: Monday 1 August – 7pm.