Minutes 6 May 2021

In the directors meeting of 6 May 2021 the following decisions have been made:

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting on 25 March 2021 were approved by all present. 
  2. There were no applications for new members.
  3. Jill Smithurst and Derek Candy have resigned as directors but will both remain a member of the Trust.
  4. A number of directors from the Trust and of the DDCA had a Zoom meeting on 27 April to get to know each other and explore opportunities to work together. Both parties agreed it would be good to open communications and work together when beneficial. The first project that has been identified is exploring the possibility of creating a mixed use path that connects the four Dorenell communities and Huntly. Also other local organisations and Moray Council have been invited to join this project.
  5. The Trust is to set up it’s own website, decisions have been made about the URL name, hosting and a content management system.
  6. Due to the worrying Covid case numbers in Moray it is agreed the first farmers market will need to be postponed to July. 
  7. The Trust has send an Expression of Interest for a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) for the MMH toilets to the Council.
  8. Support for the Cabin to find a new, suitable location are ongoing.
  9. The business plan for the preservation of the Pictish stones in/around the Mortlach Kirk is almost finished and will be discussed mid-May with all parties involved.
  10. The Trust is looking into the opportunity to upgrade the Giant’s chair walk.